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Over 25 års erfaring

Your mission is not to build a website…
your mission is to sell your products!

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Would you like some input
on the best use of your money?

Over 25 years of experience has revealed that is best to ask “why” you’re looking for a service before you spend your money. What is it you want to happen that wasn’t happening before? There are always ways to generate more customers by being effective with what you have. There are also ways to waste money on things you think are going to happen but because of a lack of information, probably won’t. The mission of a business is to exchange your products and services for money… not to “get a new website, get more traffic, get more likes on Facebook, get more people on my newsletter list, run Google AdWords” etc.

So often business owners focus on advertising and more traffic without asking why current visitors aren’t buying!

Hjemmesider &

Want a new design and build,
new theme or add webshop?

Our main focus is building and managing websites using the Enfold wordpress themes and WooCommerce webshops. (However, we do have experience working with other website and webshop models (i.e. html, DanDomain, Magento). Enfold produces very versatile themes that are easy to use, offer many functions and provide great support.

You own the site/webshop and all your information. This is important to know because it means you are not tied to contracts by a third party hosting your website for monthly payments who can actually shut you down immediately, blocking you from getting access to your website text/images if you try to pull out.

Viewable on
All Devices

Is your website
/webshop responsive?

It is important that your online business is “responsive” which means your website and webshop is easily viewable on all devices from large pc’s to the smallest iphone. Customers are very impatient and the more adjustments they have to make to view what they need will likely have them leaving your business.

There are at least seven different sized devices customers are viewing your site on. Those devices often change and no doubt there will be more size devices on the way!

It is important your website is built on a platform that can adjust and keep up with your website visitor’s demands.

Grafik til Markedsføring
& Promotions

Customers think
with their eyes

Images are more important than ever because people are overwhelmed with visual stimuli and now used to “scanning” as much as possible; images trump text for attracting the customer’s eye. A picture really can replace a thousand words! Keep in mind that all buying is emotional. The customer is not looking for a product per se, they are looking for the experience the product or service can give them so try to use images that take them there as fast as possible.

Images are also powerful in answering questions. For example, a therapist might show an image of themselves inside the treatment room which answers two questions, “Do I like the look of you?” and “Is this a place I want to visit?”. It is helpful to imagine yourself as a potential customer viewing your sales material.  Ask the questions, what do customers want to see and hear and what might the obstacles be that I can resolve quickly; and how can I solve them using images!

Synlighed &
Web Trafik

How many people
are receiving your information?

Your marketing mission is to get your products and services in front of people who are likely to want your product and services. There is no such thing as the right way, it’s more a case of what can you focus on and actually do? We can help you with a variety of services such as Google Adwords, graphic sales banners, website sliders, newsletter autoresponders etc.

We can also help with a sparring session focused on what might be the most effective use of your time, money and skills to increase your website visitors and visibility.

Keep in mind that selling is always a combination of getting people to find your product AND considering how well the information converts them into a customer – often a sparring session can you help improve all aspects of your sales.

Webshop /

Helping the customer
to buy

Making buying your products as automated and easy as possible has never been more important. Customers have less patience than ever. There are a variety of ecommerce online buying options available to you. We can help you decide the best option for your business depending on your resources.

Your ecommerce options can vary from selling products and services with a simple Mobilepay option or installing an actual webshop option. The webshop you choose depends on your competency, skills and money available. It pays to be informed before you commit to contracts that you might regret getting into!

/ Webmaster

Freedom to do jobs
you are good at

The cost of trying to do jobs you hate or have no joy for is often much higher than paying someone to do them! It easy to be reluctant to have someone to do a job but we often don’t consider how much time we waste trying to fix it ourselves (and still never get it done effectively!). If you need someone to help manage your web requirements or simply have a specific project you need us to take on, we are happy to help.

Many businesses do not expand because the thought of tacking a job to start with stops us moving forward. Just the thought or the fear of installing something can put expansion off for months. Furthermore, the task may be much easier and cost less than you think.

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Is your website representing you
in an exciting way?

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