Sucess Tip - Follow your passion© 2022

How much heart and passion is in your business?

Would you be talking about your products and services if you weren’t getting paid? When the heart isn’t in something, we feel a loss of energy, drive and motivation to act or use resources. If your business is to sustain you financially and secure your lifestyle ...
Article about marketing to all four types of customers© 2022

Customers come in 4 colour types

Customers fit into 4 colour types so include them in your sales material. If you are creating your own advertising and sales campaign material you need to consider the many potential customers leaving because they did not see themselves in your opportunity...
Skab vækst i din online forretning med wordpress© 2022

Hvorfor bruge WordPress til din online forretning?

I begyndelse af år 2002, ændrede blogs en stor del af online markedsføring verdenen. Mens de fleste mennesker på det tidspunkt eksperimenterede med forskellige blogging systemmer, blev de fleste efterhånden flyttet til wordpress platformen...