Marketing to all 4 customer types

Customers fit into 4 colour types so include them in your sales material

If you are creating your own advertising and sales campaign material you need to consider the many potential customers leaving because they did not see themselves in your opportunity. If you are producing website content then your own tastes, styles, attitudes and values are limiting many people. For example, we all know that three out of four people never read the manual, but there is one that wants the manual, opens all the pdfs and wants some more information to understand everything. Though it may not matter to you, it matters to them. Obviously it is not always easy to satisfy every person only in the way they would like the information presented. However, with some thought beforehand, it is fairly easy to make sure they are ‘validated’ enough for them to explore your opportunity.

What the 4 colour types want from your marketing material

Red Customer

Red types want to see professionalism. They are the visitors that seek prestige. They want to see confidence and boldness. These are the types that will be attracted by ‘celebrity’ and ‘name-dropping’. They won’t tolerate you wasting their time, links that don’t work, old fashioned looking fonts or pictures. They are interested in quality, richness, fame, the latest releases as they see themselves as cutting edge.

Yellow Customer

Yellow types want to see caring and nurturing. They are the visitors that seek heart. They want to see that you are caring and what you do is helping the world/their life in some way. They won’t tolerate you talking about yourself or what’s in it for you, they want to see humility, love, caring and are repelled by bragging and arrogance. They won’t tolerate links that don’t work because you have demonstrated you don’t care enough about them to test the page. They want to ‘feel’ caring from your content.

Blue Customer

Blue types want to see fun and lightness. They are the visitors that seek entertainment and movement. They want to see colour, fun, entertainment; they like ‘travel’ in all senses of the word. They won’t tolerate boring text-heavy and serious information which they simply won’t read. They will welcome creative proactive ways to engage them and connect with your product such as a quiz, cartoons, videos… think colour, light-hearted and movement!

Green Customer

Green types want to see detail as they are thorough. They are the visitors that always want something to read, download or watch which supports which gives them confirmation and confidence in their choices. They won’t be easily attracted to any product with simple a picture and a buy button; they don’t make quick decisions. Greens need to think it over so don’t trying manipulating them with hard to close popups when they are trying to leave! These are the people who look for all the terms (so make sure the terms are there) but you don’t have to place the information so dominantly that other types are distracted by it!

The image below shows how each customer colour is included

Example of image that can promote to all 4 types of customers