Is your heart
in what you are doing?

Business tip, maintain passion for your business

Passion finds energy

Would you be talking about your products and services if you weren’t getting paid?

When the heart isn’t in something, we feel a loss of energy, drive and motivation to act or use resources. If your business is to sustain you financially and secure your lifestyle, then your products and services must be something you’re passion about. Even if the argument is that you have staff running parts of the business, how inspired are they?

Are these things you’re promoting, things you’d be promoting even if you didn’t get paid? Are they things that still inspire you to want to experience.  Also be aware that if you’ve been in business a while, sometimes a dip in energy or “losing heart” is a sign that the way you’ve been “presenting” your product needs a shake up.

Sometimes your attention shifts to something else but it can still be related to the experience you’re offering to customers. I have known so many business owners that have been inspired by a change in track but still continue to promote what they’ve built so far because they can’t see how their new interest is exactly the same end product for the customer. They’re website is still focusing on an old way of framing their services but they’re on Facebook and Instagram every day dropping shorts and posts about something is exciting them now.

Here’s my example. My product is the experience of “clarity”. I can offer clarity in business, in relationships, in health and in finances. On the surface you could argue that they’re different but they’re not. Every product or service is, at the end of the day, an experience. In my case, people come to me with wanting to end the pain of confusion. The area of life is irrelevant to the process I use to solve that.

If you’re experiencing this drop in energy and find yourself being more interested in other areas simply ask, can I still offer what excites me in this topic. Can I frame the same experience in a subject that inspires me now?

Honour the signs and be willing to be open to a fresh approach. You can present your products and services in a myriad of differing ways, creativity is endless; if you still have passion then it’s open for avenues of income to flow! Those drops in enthusiasm are more often signalling signs of your soul saying “there’s not more energy in this approach, we’ve had the juice, now let’s expand into another adventure with this”!

Feeling uninspired?

Inspiration, is a mis-used word. Inspiration means “moved to action”. That tends to happen when we’re not trying to push something and it always feels good. You’re moved because you are energised! Pushing, squeezing, worrying, getting irritable, angry, frustrated, are all emotions that slam the breaks on because they cause a resistant dynamic. It’s like trying to push two magnets facing north together. You will experience ease in your business when you take the path of least resistance regardless of how relevant you believe the topic is related.

So bear this in mind when you’re thinking about your products and services, or something you’re trying to make happen. You can find inspiration in places that have nothing to do with your business. Find subjects, people, ideas, tasks that make you feel good. That will connect you with “ease in yourself” and that will align you with “the ease part in your business”.

If you want a sparring partner to help you decide how to move forward we are happy to help. We can offer you guidance bearing in mind your skills, experience, investment budget and the vision for your business.

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