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Marketing, Web Trafik & Google SEO Services

Getting your products and services seen

You can run a business without a website but not without promotion! Customers need to know what you are offering and how to get it.

Marketing is is getting your products and services into the same place buyers exist.

If you had a shop on the high street the process would have been easier to understand… how do I get people into the vicinity of my shop and how do I make the window attract to the person who is looking for the benefits of my products?

When we go digital, because it is no longer physical we can often lose sight of focus. When we lose focus we lose effectiveness profits go down, we become demoralised and then assume it takes more effort and resources than it does to get the results we want.

Forretning marketing services

A few ways to market your products & services

  • Artikler
  • Avisannoncer
  • Brochurer via post
  • Forums
  • Gratis e-boger/rapporter downloads
  • Google AdWords / Google Shopping
  • Joint ventures
  • Lokale flyers og plakater
  • Messens
  • Nyhedsbreve
  • Produktprøver
  • Podcasts
  • Seminars / Workshops / Retreats
  • Social medier
  • TV interviews
  • Upselling products in shop basket
  • Videoer
  • Webinars

FAQ about Marketing & Promotion

How do I optimise my promotion material?

Fundamentally, by thinking like your potential customer. So much money, time and money is wasted and potential orders fly out of the window because of things are so easily missed. It’s easy to jump into marketing mode because of our impatience. Before you promote anything think about yourself as a customer so you don’t miss the most important elements in all your material and the places you advertise.

Tips on customers behaviour

  • It’s all about them; customers don’t care about you only what’s in it for them. Furthermore, even though you may be able to qualify them as a potential customer, within that market there are 4 different types of customer and important to include them in your advertising material. (Read our article about the 4 colour types);
  • Can they see the point easily; because of information overload we only scan so make sure the most important benefits and information stands out. It’s wonderful to have harmony in the design but if it means the button doesn’t stand out then you will lose customers!
  • Images trump text: Customers think with their eyes preferring the ease of images to reading text. The new order of business is sure your customers don’t have to think as much as possible; do the thinking for them. For text heavy pages make sure headings get to the point and they can navigate and “scan” fast;
  • Customers are impatient: if the button or the link doesn’t jump out at them they won’t bother searching. Consider the mobile experience as much as possible so everything a customer needs can be viewed easily. Think about what irritates you as a customer;
  • Leave them a trail: lead the customer to every step making sure they know where to go next and the link or info is there at the place they need it. If you are sending them to a page tell them why and if possible help them jump to exactly where they need to be.
  • Anticipate the negatives/obstacles: answer questions they may have without them asking because it is usually a simple obstacle that stops being buying and so often it is something much smaller than you think. It can literally be as simple as not having your name or your picture on the contact page; how a customer feels about you matters in some areas of business where it involves personal contact! In other areas like fast-moving consumable items like a tv, wasting their talking talking about yourself can have the opposite effect and irritate them away from the page.

How can I get more traffic to my website?

Anyway you can legally! There are as many ways to get people to your site as your creativity allows. Promotion depends on what you are prepared to put in and depends on what you can do. Think about where your potential might be and don’t automatically jump to online locations. Yes customers are online but keep in mind businesses thrived before the internet simply by catching people where they are at. We are all still out and about at the tank station, the supermarket etc.

Think about he or she interested in your product, where else might they be throughout the day? Think about partners who can help you promote. For example, a slimming product and a fashion boutique compliment each other. She wants to get in shape because she wants to buy that dress…  if the boutique promotes the slimming product the customer will likely come back to buy the dress this time. Likewise promoting the boutique in your slimming product newsletter reminds the customer how good they will feel in that dream outfit they keep hovering over. Promoting each other is a win-win situation for everyone – always think how can everyone win?

Do I have to buy Google Advertising?

No, not at all. Google

Does my site have to be on page 1 of Google?

Yes if you are relying on customer searches on Google to find your site. Over five years ago, customers would have had the patience to go to more pages if they didn’t find what they want on the first page of search results, not likely now. The term used for helping your website be found through customer searches is called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). In the SEO business, it is assumed that “the best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google search results.”.

If you are attracting customers to your site through other avenues you don’t need Google advertising to sell products. If you can find ways to inform people of your products without buying advertising space you will keep more money in your pocket of course.

We can help you with marketing services. We can help you with specific tasks or if you prefer, we can have a sparring session and work out what might we the most effective ways based on your resources, I.T. skills and products.

Sparring Session
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