Rådgivning og troubleshooting web serviceRådgivning og troubleshooting web service

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Rådgiving og troubleshooting web service

Rådgivning / Troubleshooting

Forretning sparring, strategi & I.T. løsninger

A sparring session can help you make decisions about the best use of your time and money.

1. Strategi / sparring møde

Web sparring partner til troubleshooting og forretning rådgivningA sparring session can be used for anything from “how do I speed up my site’s loading time to I don’t know if a website or webshop is a good decision. Here a few of typical situations you might experience where you would value some advice:-

  • I’m not confident what to focus on next to increase orders
  • I’m thinking of investing in (or changing my website/webshop); where would be my best investment based on my business, skills, vision for the business?
  • I don’t know why people aren’t buying?

Møde Pris – 2.500,-

The price for a 2 hour meeting with you is 2.500,-. If you decide to invest in any service from us within the next 6 måneder over 9.ooo,- D kr. we will deduct the meeting price.


I will need any current website information and a quick overview of your business, what you have done in the past, any potential expansion plans and ideas in mind and your skills.

2. I.T. & teknisk hjælp

If you have a specific I.T. problem or need a ‘go to guy’ to fix something you don’t want to stick your head into, contact us and we will advise you of the best solution (and quote a price if you want us to fix it).

If you would like to set up a sparring session or perhaps you have a specific problem that we can advise you about, kontakt os.

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