Ny responsive hjemmeside til workflow app’

Scan How came to us as their current site was not functioning correctly. The multi-language function was causing pages not to load and stopped a visitor from getting back to a page. They wished to move over to a WordPress site with a vision to:-

  • bring the new site up to date to allow all ipads and iphones to view the website more effectively (responsive)
  • add a woocommerce webshop
  • add a multi-language function and create site in Danish and English.

When I first visited Scan How’s front page the first challenge was to understand what the product was and what it could do. It wasn’t clear, besides seeing that it was something to help those with “cognitive challenges” such as autism. So, making “the shop window” clearer was a priority. The information was randomly spread around the site so it was important to focus the information in a logical sequence. This helped the visitor understand the app, what it could do and quickly and easily be able to download and buy cloud space.

We were able to inspire Scan How of ways to generate and secure more income using the webshop which excited them. They found it very helpful to have a sparring partner who gave them confidence to expand pricing possibilities without feeling hesitant or nervous. We also helped them integrate pricing options in the shop.

Workflow Hjemmeside Før

Screenshots af hjemmeside før

Hjemmeside Efter

Nogle screenshots af hjemmeside efter
Nogle screenshots af hjemmeside efter